Incidence of lower limb bone fractures in female individuals of Aracaju (Sergipe), Brazil

F C L Ferreira, M. J. C. Costa, R. E. Dantas, D. M. Santos, R. A. E. Sousa, F. B. Lima, J. P. Guimarães, D. N. Souza, A. C. Marçal


Studies indicate that the number of hip bone fractures caused by osteoporosis may rise from 1.66 to 6.26 million until 2050, worldwide. For this reason, implementation of preventive measures becomes a necessity. Female individuals are usually more affected due to a variety of factors including old age, early menopause, chronicle disease in the family history, calcium deficit, as well as the lack of physical exercise (sedentary individual). From the period of January 2008-2009, around of 343 fracture cases were analyzed from females. The incidence of femur fractures in women increased according to age group, 66.17 individuals per 10,000 inhabitants (over 60 years-old). These findings allow us to conclude that the incidence of hip and lower limb bone fractures among women were more significant in the femur.


fractures, lower limb, bone

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