Erva-de-Passarinho: Substratos Vegetais, Uso e Aplicações na Medicina Popular, Caxias, Maranhão

Gonçalo Mendes da Conceição, Ana Claudia Ruggieri, Fredson da Costa Barbosa, Maria de Fátima Véras Araujo, Tayla Taina Melo Mendes da Conceição, Morganna Atayla Melo Mendes da Conceição


The medicinal use of mistletoe in general, has proved very effective in treating various diseases and its use in folk medicine has increased considerably in recent years. There was frequent use of specimens of Loranthaceae the population of the municipality of Caxias (MA) for the treatment of various diseases. The study had four species, distributed between the genders: Struthanthus, Phoradendron and Psittacanthus, all parasitizing plant debris, such as Mangifera indica, Anacardium occidentale, among others. The empirical knowledge of the population as to the medicinal herb, is that its leaves are used for various inflammations, uterine problems, gonorrhea, skin cleansing, acne problems, gastritis, ulcers, sore throat, problems related to cancer and tumors unknown.

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