Morpho-anatomical evaluation of hypoglycaemic medicinal plants


  • Roberta Sabrine Duarte Gondim Universidade de São Paulo
  • Isolda Ribeiro e Silva Federal University of Maranhão
  • Flávio Freitas Soares Filho Federal University of Maranhão
  • Tássio Rômulo Silva Araújo Luz Federal University of Maranhão
  • Tázia Lopes de Castro Federal University of Maranhão
  • Mariana Barreto Serra University of São Paulo
  • Wermerson Assunção Barroso University of São Paulo
  • Crisálida Machado Vilanova Federal University of Maranhão



Hypoglycemic medicinal plants, morpho-anatomical


This study aimed to morpho-anatomical characterize leaves of plants with hypoglycemic effect used by the Maracanã community of São Luís-MA. It was selected two vegetal species with lack of morpho-anatomical studies, which were Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C. E. Jarvis (Vitaceae) and Caesalpinia ferrea Mart. ex. Tul. var. leiostachya Benth (Leguminoceae). The botanic material was collected in the Dom Delgado University City, UFMA. It was realized paradermic and transverse sections free hand with blade support, using astra blue and basic fuchsin as colorants. The laminas were observed and photographed in optic microscopic. Cissus verticillata presented simple and opposite leaves, with membranous consistency, serrated margin, and acute top and cordate base. The mesophyll is dorsiventral composed by palisade and spongy parenchyma. Central rib with presence of reserve parenchyma and angular chollenchyma with some points of ring deposition. Caesalpinia ferrea presented smooth and simple leaves, uniseriate epidermis, curled cuticles and presence of stomata on both sides. Central rib with fundamental parenchyma composed by spherical cells and angular chollenchyma. The reported morphoanatomic characters of C. verticillata and C. ferrea leaves contribute to the identification and characterization of the quality of these vegetables, improving knowledge verification of plant species authenticity.

Biografia do Autor

Roberta Sabrine Duarte Gondim, Universidade de São Paulo




Como Citar

Duarte Gondim, R. S., Ribeiro e Silva, I., Freitas Soares Filho, F., Silva Araújo Luz, T. R., Lopes de Castro, T., Barreto Serra, M., Assunção Barroso, W., & Machado Vilanova, C. (2019). Morpho-anatomical evaluation of hypoglycaemic medicinal plants. Scientia Plena, 15(5).




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