Dose rates from cylindrical 32P and 90Y beta sources used in intravascular brachytherapy

Eduardo de Paiva


Beta-particle sources can be used in radiotherapy to treat several diseases. In particular cylindrical (seed) beta-minus sources have been used in cardiology for the prevention of restenosis of coronary artery. Two radioisotopes suitable to be used in intravascular brachytherapy treatment of arteries are the pure beta-emitters 32P and 90Y. In this work a routine calculation to estimate absorbed dose rate distributions around cylindrical sources containing the beta emitters 32P and 90Y has been developed in order to handle with various configurations of radii, lengths and distances in a faster and simple way. The results of relative dose rates are compared with published dose distributions for 32P and 90Sr/90Y sources using the Monte Carlo method and a good agreement (differences < 6 %) has been found in the region of clinical interest measured from the cylindrical source center.


Brachytherapy; Beta particles; 32P; 90Y.

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